Business Services Overview

Sales Leadership The Jin X team is comprised of highly successful plastic recycling entrepreneurs and industry veterans who have joined our team to build a new future for plastic recycling, across America and Canada.
Clients Relationships Jin X provides detailed reporting for services rendered with full visibility to prices paid for materials. Customers know that they receive the best possible prices for their materials and can clearly calculate the cost savings.
Strategic Planning Developing new markets, products and applications for recovered commodities is essential to the success of plastic recycling. Recovering the materials is only half the job in putting them to use.
Services We are proud to offer and deliver top-of-the-market pricing, prompt payment, accurate reporting, customized plastic recycling solutions and fast, reliable service.
Investments With plastic recycling industry experience dating back to 1995, we are extremely knowledgeable in marketing, plastic recycling market trends and efficient material movement.
Management Virtually every type of plastic in a modern day business can be recycled and Jin X specializes in creating total recycling solutions for your company.

Main Services

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